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Robin Boss
Jun 22, 2022
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Two weeks ago, the author took the stage as a sharer to chat with you about career planning & choice. This is also the first time in my life that I have done face-to-face sharing, and before that, I mostly participated from the perspective of an audience. Some category email list offline product sharing. Although I started as a sharer this time, I have benefited a lot from it, so I wrote a review of the precipitation, hoping to do better in the speech category email list level in the future. In the few sharing sessions that I have participated in one after another, I only have a deep impression of two sharers. Mandy, the author of a public account, and the other is David, the former technical director of Alipay. The sharing of these two was in 2018. Why is category email list it that the author is still impressed by them after almost 3 years? In fact, it is because, compared with other sharers, these category email list two have their own unique styles and entry points, and most people's sharing has more or less the problems of falsehood, professional words, and self-talk. Mandy is a female product guest at my first product-related sharing meeting. Compared with other sharers who are full of fake and professional technical vocabulary, she chose a very small entry point: how to collect daily products category email list inspiration. In fact, most of the people who will listen to and share are product novices. It is difficult to digest and category email list absorb too many professional words, but what Mandy talks about is easy to understand and master, and very practical and practical. Her method of collecting product inspiration To this day, 3 years later.
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Robin Boss

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