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UHP Hp fuel additive

UHP Hp fuel additive

All new 1 gallon HP fuel additive by UHP Innovation Continuing to push the envelope on Coyote and other platforms. Dyno tested to increase up to 15whp at a 5:1 mix (Added to 5 gallons of your current fuel) 8whp gain at a 10:1 mix (Added to 10 gallons of your current fuel) Tested on naturally aspirated vehicles. Tested and leaves behind no residue and adds no smell. No tune changes required. Just pour in and increase power that’s the idea. Allow a few minutes for mixing. Dragy 60-130 tested .1-.2 tenths faster on average vs 85% pump E85. As much as .2-.3 faster (5:1 mix). Out performs fuels such as C85/Ethanol One R/Ignite 114 red when added to pump E85 and does so for an overall much cheaper cost. 1 gallon bottle treats 5-10 gallons of fuel. Can be used with any fuel: (91/93/100/101/109/E85/C16/Q16/260gt/X85/C85/E98/One R/One S nitrous applications and more)

    $44.99 Regular Price
    $39.99Sale Price
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