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UHP HP fuel additive

UHP HP fuel additive

All new 1 gallon HP fuel additive by UHP Innovation Continuing to push the envelope on Coyote and other platforms. Dyno tested to increase up to 19whp at a 5:1 mix (Added to 5 gallons of your current fuel) 8whp gain at a 10:1 mix (Added to 10 gallons of your current fuel) Tested on naturally aspirated vehicles. Up to 5% increase in power output. Tested and leaves behind no residue. No tune changes required. Just pour in and increase power that’s the idea. Allow a few minutes for mixing. Dragy 60-130 tested .1-.2 tenths faster on average vs 85% pump E85. As much as .2-.3 faster. Out performs fuels such as C85/One R/Ignite when added to pump E85 and does so for an overall much cheaper cost. 1 gallon bottle treats 5-10 gallons of fuel. Can be used with any fuel: (91/93/100/101/109/E85/C16/Q16/260gt/X85/C85/E98/One R/One S and more)

  • Safety warning

    Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Do not inhale. Wash hands after handling. Avoid contact with skin. Avoid contact with vehicle paint. Store in a cool dry location. Pour in and hang on tight.

$44.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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