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2011-2024 Coyote Breather filter&cap (single side)

2011-2024 Coyote Breather filter&cap (single side)

**Includes 1 breather filter and 1 cap. Single side.**

Fits 2011-2024 Mustang GT 5.0

Crank case breather filter and cap

-Replaces the oem pcv hose

-Helps prevent oil consumption

-Keeps intake manifold and combustion chamber clean of oil deposits

-Allows your engine to operate breathing freely and of fresh air only

-Eliminates sucking in your oil and 200+ degree cylinder head temps and fumes into your manifold, combustion chamber & engine. (A catch can does not carry these benefits)

Multiple benefits and it is a great inexpensive mod for stock or modified coyotes. I recommend this as your very first modification

-Remove pcv hose (or catch can)

-Install breather filter on valve cover end as shown in pics

- Cap off other end where hose was

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